29 Oct 2018

Originally Posted by forrest noble In my own model there is no such thing as pure energy.

There accordingly is no mystery at all to it based upon an aether model and the related interpretation I just explained. Originally Posted by forrest noble I understand there are other alternative mainstream models, but am certain none are as simple as my own, which I have already explained in its entirety. It uses two precision nanosecond timers about a mile apart connected by two fiber optic cables.

Also, if one was to put your model into a proper mathematical description, it would become just as complicated. This creates what is called entanglement which results in the case of electrons from electron waves, aka aether waves (or other) passing from one electron to the other. Indeed, aether is not needed in any established theory.Btw, this model of EM radiation couldn’t explain Wave-Particle Duality, which, in contrast to aether, is well observed and documented. Since you deny the existence of energy (????) I don’t even know how you would go about putting maths around your ideas. read more

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