Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

At Color Style, we’re committed to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources every step of the way. Sustainability is woven into our corporate culture, as evidenced by our corporate promise:

  • We will design our products with an emphasis on conservation and waste elimination, both during the production process, as well as during all stages of the product life cycle.
  • We will minimize our carbon footprint by investing in new technologies, streamlining our processes and optimizing our supply chain.
  • We will work to change industry paradigms by partnering with environmental groups, industry thought leaders, customers, and competitors to create higher demand for sustainable products.
  • We will set an example for our community, and give back to the people in it.

“Every Color Style employee carries an additional title of Sustainability Manager. As Sustainability Managers, our employees are empowered and encouraged to utilize our sustainability promise as the basis for all work-related decisions.”

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Date December 02, 2014
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