Certification Facilities :

We provide OEKO-TEX 100 Standard, GOTS, Blue Sign etc which stipulated by European Union and belong to environmental type products, which can help meet the buyer’s requirements.

We also provide products with environment protection certificate guarantee letter

Our R&D :

Now quality at every stage of production is what should be ensured by every quality conscious company. We believe in quality not only of the finished product, but also from the primary stage of production.

That’s why we have an up-to-date laboratory with all kinds of modern equipment’s like sample dyeing m/c, crocking meter & Colour matching cabinet, Hardness Test Kit, Grey Scale, other testing equipment’s for ensuring quality.

We have an experienced & technically qualified team for Research & development which is striving round the clock to develop the product features.

Our mission is to expand our business & provide the best facilities to our customer as they can rely on us.


Technical support :

We have very strong technical services for your dyeing solution which is oriented with textile engineers. We always Dyes & Auxiliary test and examine our products first and then supply to the buyers.
We have own dyeing and testing laboratory which is used for the following purposes at international standard.

  • Color Matching

  • Sample Dyeing

  • Sample Development

  • All type Auxiliary test

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