Reactive Dyestuff

‘’Ruihazol’’ Common Series: For Medium to dark shades

  • Ruihazol Yellow 3RFN

  • Ruihazol Red 3BFN

  • Ruihazol Black-B

  • Ruihazol Orange ME2R

  • Ruihazol Yellow 4GL

  • Ruihazol Black DP

  • Ruihazol Turquoise Blue G

  • Ruihazol Brill Blue R(SPL)

Ruihazol HLF Series: For pale shades with high light Fastness

  • Ruihazol Yellow HLF

  • Ruihazol Red HLF-G

  • Ruihazol Blue HLF


‘’Ruihazol’’ ED Series:

  • Ruihazol Yellow ED

  • Ruihazol Red ED

  • Ruihazol Orange ED

  • Ruihazol Black ED

  • Ruihazol Navy ED

  • Ruihazol Blue ED



Disperse Dyestuff

  • Ruihazol Yellow S-6G

  • Ruihazol Red E-FB

  • Ruihazol Rubine S-2G

  • Ruihazol Blue 60 -200%

  • Ruihazol Navy S-2G -200%

  • Ruihazol Yellow Brown SE-R

  • Ruihazol Black EXF

  • Ruihazol Black ECO

Pigment Dyestuff

  • Koritex Red C
  • Koritex Red CXS
  • Koritex Red C2B
  • Koritex Orange HT
  • Koritex G.yellow K2B
  • Koritex Black CA
  • Koritex Black SS
  • Koritex Green B2C
  • Koritex Brown TFR
  • Koritex Fuchsia TA2
  • Koritex Fuchsia TA3
  • Koritex Scarlet SS
  • Koritex Violet BBE
  • Koritex Violet BW
  • Koritex Blue GG
  • Koritex Blue TM
  • Koritex Navy Blue MN
  • Koritex Navy Blue PR

Acid Dyes

We will very soon launch of Acid Dyes series..

Direct Dyes

We will very soon launch of Direct Dyes series.

Vat Dyes

We will very soon launch of pigment series.

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